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Waterloo transfer question Geomatics -> Computer Science

A photo of Ziralia Ziralia
I was wondering, how hard is it to transfer into Computer Science at Waterloo? I got an alternate offer for geomatics, but I don&#39;t want to major in it. <br> <br>The courses geomatics requires are: <br> <br>first sem: <br> <br>GEOG 101 or 102 <br>GEOG 165 <br>GEOG 281 <br>CS 115 <br> <br>second sem: <br> <br>GEOG 271 <br>ENVS 178 <br>CS 116 <br> <br> <br>The courses computer science requires are: <br> <br>first sem: <br> <br>MATH 135 <br>MATH 137 <br>CS 135 <br> <br>second sem: <br> <br>MATH 136 <br>MATH 138 <br>CS 136 <br> <br>I read that I could take CS 135 and 136 instead of 115 and 116, but if I want to take the math courses as well, would I have a course overload in first semester? Could I take 6 courses, or am I only allowed to take 5 per semester? <br> <br>Also, do I absolutely HAVE to take the required courses for geomatics, if I&#39;m certain that I want to transfer? Could I just drop one of the GEOG courses in first semester? <br> <br>Could I tranfer after first semester, or do I have to complete my first year in geomatics before applying to tranfer? <br> <br>Finally, is it worth it? I&#39;ve heard many things about Waterloo being incredibly hard, so I&#39;m also debating going to UTM for undergrad, and getting a Master&#39;s at UW. <br> <br>Thanks!
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3 replies
A photo of North North

Contact the people on this page. They will give you more accurate answers than anyone here.
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A photo of Ziralia Ziralia

@North wrote

Contact the people on this page. They will give you more accurate answers than anyone here.

K, I'll call them tomorrow. Thanks!
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A photo of HopefulStudent23 HopefulStudent23
I know this post is nearly a year old, but as a student in a similar situation, and wondering if this is possible still, would like to know the outcome of what Ziralia has done if he/she is still around.

And as well if anyone has any further info about this.

I will contact them in the same manner as suggested above regarding this, but any further info would be of great help. Thanks
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