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Waterloo university mechanical engineering and co-op question

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What are the chances of getting in waterloo university for mechanical engineering with following marks and ECs

Advance functions - 90%
calculus - 90%
English - 80%
Physics - 92%
Chemistry - 95%
Computer science - 93%
Technology design - 90%

Robotics club - Participated in VEX and FIRST robotics competition
Participated in waterloo math and chemistry contest
participated in york university's series of competitions such as fermi questions, chemistry, photvore
in science club

I am in grade 11 right now. But I am pretty sure my results will be something like this next year. Are those marks and ECs enough to get in waterloo university for mechanical engineer co-op program?

And does everyone in co-op program get a job 100%? Is waterloo's co op program really worth it?
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A photo of Xizeta Xizeta
Did you summer school some of your math credits? If you got your senior math credits from summer school you might lose some merit. Are any of these other courses grade twelve courses?
The grade twelve physics and chemistry are much harder. These courses are arguably the hardest in high school. The grade eleven courses are extremely easy. I assume that you complete the grade eleven courses.
I would say you have a chance of getting in. You might see a slight drop in your marks, however. The admission average was in the high eighties last year.
So work hard? Get that English mark up.
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