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Waterloo vs. Mcmaster

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How would you compare Waterloo and Mcmaster in terms of social life, community, living, etc ? I applied to Kinesiology, and both programs are good so I've pretty much narrowed it down to these two. And I've heard Waterloo doesn't have much of a social scene...i'm not much of a party person anyway but I intend to study hard, but have fun at the same time.
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I go to Mac but have been to Waterloo a lot because my best friend and ex-bf attend there. Mac has a better nightlife because of Hess Village (within a 2 block radius there's like 30 clubs/bars). Hess Village is pretty close to Mac, about a 10 min bus/cab ride. Waterloo does have a smattering of clubs/bars near the school and near Laurier too. I've been to homecoming weekends at both schools and Mac's is way more intense, probably because the Waterloo football team really sucks lol, though they do excel in badminton. So I'd say overall social life is better at Mac. Off campus housing is cheaper at Mac than at Waterloo because Mac is surrounded by houses whereas Waterloo has a lot of apartment complexes nearby. My ex's rent in a 5-person apt suite was $570/month whereas mine (in 4 bedroom house) is $450/month (everything included for both prices).
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