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Waterloo vs U of T vs McGill

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Hello guys
I am in a position where I have no idea what to choose or pick for my future.
Until now, I have got early admissions from U of Waterloo, McGill, and U of T Computer Science.

First I think I have to say this first.
From UW, I have got an admission with President's Scholarship of Distinction about $5000 from CO-OP CS
From U of T, actually I have applied to Scarborough Campus instead of the main campus, first because of the Co op program and second since it's smaller campus, there would be less competition there to graduate and get the job easily after grad. I have got the Entrance Scholarship of $2000 for the Co op CS
From McGill, I have got the admission from CS, but unfortunately, I didn't win the entrance scholarship :( So I am applying again for SE here.
In addition, I have applied for Software Engineering to UW and McGill, but still waiting for the admission.

Okay, so I have heard a lot that CS is very renown in Waterloo especially the faculty of Mathematics where I got the admission from. But, even though I can see myself at UW, I feel like it would be better to study in bigger cities. Maybe I'm wrong, so guys please help me out here!!

Since I am from BC, I can't really tour the campus or anything so Ontario ppl and these university students help me choose the best decision PLEASE!!
Still not sure about each university's pros and cons on CS or SE

And is it better to choose CS or SE for major? Which is better? If then, for which univ?
And is it worth enough to choose an university for co op? is co op really gonna be beneficial after?

Thanks so much!!!!
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U of T, actually I have applied to Scarborough Campus instead of the main campus

Do not go to the Scarborough campus for res. You are not downtown and since a large portion of people are commuters and the population on the campus is already small...in my opinion sounds lame and this uoft to begin with.

Really you should be choosing between UW and Mcgill. Mcgill has montreal nuff said. But as you know the opportunities for CS students at UW is pretty sweet....

The campus at UW is ugly. Never been to mcgill heard its nice. Like i said do not go to Scarborough campus unless you have some sort of unknown reason.

And as for SE or CS i was under the impression that SE was a stream within CS? Someone on here will know....
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I suggest you go to UW.
Yes UW doesn't have the nicest campus, but if you're only gonna be there for 4 2/3 years, then what really matters is the quality of the education you get.

I got my acceptance pretty early. So did one of my friends. He decided to work for the summer to get some experience, so a while ago he sent his resume with UW on the first line to approx. 50 places. Within 4 days, he heard back from 10 companies either wanting an in-person interview or one over the phone.

This somewhat tells you that in the computer science/software engineering field, UW is recognized to be one of the better universities. In fact, when I went to their November open house, one of the profs I was talking to mentioned that UW is constantly being compared to Stanford, MIT, and Berkley for cs and se.

I know I'm sounding extremely biased toward UW, but honestly I'm just stating the facts. UofT is an awesome university as well and there is a reason, actually more than one, that it's one of the top 20 universities in the world. (check the Times Higher Education ranking, you'll see). McGill is also very internationally recognized because it's a really good school. (also highly ranked on the T.H.E.) But what you have to consider is, which university is the best at computer science?

I would say UW.
But if instead of wanting a great education, you can opt for UofT where you'll get a really good education and you'll be in of the greatest cities in the world. Also the St. George campus is really nice. Same applies to McGill's education and aesthetics.

As for the difference between SE and CS...
SE is a more structured program while CS is more flexible with the electives.
In the end, the graduates from both programs COULD have the same jobs, but employers looking for people who can develop software are interested in the SE student. SE students are familiar with the idea-to-product concept. The apply what they have learned in university more readily and with more efficiency because they have more experience writing code (the reason why there is a heavier workload for se than cs) CS, on the other hand, has a stream of SE where you can specialize in software engineering, but its main focus, as I've repeatedly heard and read, is on theory. If you wanna go into artificial intelligence, for example, cs would be a good choice. But if you have dreams of working for the major companies (Google, Apple, Facebook, etc.), SE gives you a higher chance of reaching them.

Good luck with making your decision!
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