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Waterloo vs UTM Life Sci?

A photo of SC0501 SC0501
If you don't consider the rep that U of T has, which university would be better for Life Sci? I want to go to professional school, so a high GPA is needed. I know UTSG is pretty hardcore, so is UTM 'softer'?

- live on res
- i really wanted to go here until recently..
- (?) easier to get higher GPA?

- close to home (save $$)
- good rep

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Even if it's not important to you, it's important to make your life more balanced: I have heard the social scene at both of these schools is very dry, and there is no balance when it comes to play and work. Of course work comes first, but you have to play just as hard. I would choose Waterloo over UTM though because they have a much nicer program. If you want to go into a professional health career afterwards, it does not matter where you go for your undergrad. If you want to go into optometry though, then go to Loo. I heard they take preference to their own students.

All in all, I evaluated the same two schools before picking Mac, but when I was evaluating them: Waterloo > UTM.
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A photo of r4mn33k r4mn33k
Waterloo is much better, specially when it is against UTM, sinceUTM is actually a much softer version, of the actual UofT St.George, and waterloo is much better, with Co-op oppertunities
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