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Waterloos Math/Chartered Accountancy Acceptance Questions

A photo of HoneyDew HoneyDew
What average would someone need to get into the Math/Chartered Accountancy program? It says low 90s but is that an understatement?

And is there any point in applying to both of these programs or should I only apply to one and get an alternate offer for the other one if I don't get considered?

Many people argue that the Math/CA program is the considered to be the most competitive program in UW do you think this statement is true?

All thoughts and opinions will be appreciated!!
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A photo of dbdudgh dbdudgh
I wouldn't say the most competitive because there are different factors that affect your admission score in different programs(for example, AFM applicants have to write the AFMAA, in which you have to display your ability to think and write your ideas clearly on the spot).
For math/ca, they take your AIF(supplementary application where you write down all your ECs) and score it out of 12, and add that onto your top 6 average. You'll be considered if this combined score is over 102, so if you have a 90 average on the dot, you'll need amazing ECs just to be considered.
I think most people have at least mid to high 90's(my midterm avg was 97.5), but I've seen some people with low 90's get in.

I don't know what you mean by "applying to both of these programs", but I applied to math/ca, afm-pa, and math/farm, if that helps you. :)
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
It is a very competitive program to gain acceptance from. The applicant to registrants ratio is crazy with only 80 spots available. I got an alternative offer with equivalent to a low 90s average and good ECs. I know people with better credentials rejected. You should work hard on that AIF and make sure you have at least 95+ average.
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A photo of immaculatedx immaculatedx
Okay, let me give you a thorough response.

The Math/CA and Biotech/CA are one of Waterloo's and even Canada's most competitive direct entry programs from high school - that's for sure. Often times, I wonder why this is as the benefits of the program don't really merit it to be that competitive but I guess Asian parents love to see that kind of crap - but I digress.

I don't know what you mean by applying to both programs but if you're talking about Math/CA vs. AFM-PA, if you're serious about pursuing about your CA, apply to both. Math/CA will give alternate offers to Math/FARM and Math/BBA DD while AFM-PA will give alternates to AFM-FM and arts/business I believe - not to sure about the last program. There are no immediate benefits of Math/CA over AFM-PA, coop employers don't prefer one over the other. I didn't apply to AFM because I was scared that this program would pigeon-hole me early in my career as a beancounter or whatnot (Though this is hardly a valid concern) even more than being in auditing/tax and that I really wanted the technical education to not only seem more than one-dimensional and because I genuinely like the subject and felt that the mindset you get from studying mathematics was beneficial.

In terms of admissions, Math/CA will give you an admission average that is your base average (out of 100) plus your AIF average (Out of 12) which is your supplementary form. I've been told that the cutoff this year was 103.

To offer an example, I had a 95.5 top 6 average when I was accepted. My EC's included lifeguarding/instructing for my town, my investor's club, a couple business/stock competitions and a bunch of small things that sound a lot better than what they really are (Prefect, Yearbook, Clubs).

One thing important for Math/CA, UW loves IB/AP kids, but mainly its cause those guys are mad keeners. I've noticed a large percentage of Math/CAer's are IB/AP kids. I wasn't in IB and I took like 2 AP courses though.

Math contests are important for admissions, particularly the Euclid. I only wrote the Euclid and got 73. A really good score would be >=80.

Feel free to PM me if you have further questions down the line. I'm sure you'll have lots of questions next year.
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