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Well... XD

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Oh hai. Well, it's quite the hour.I just finished studying for my calc midterm and I'm feeling nostalgic about high school (I mean it's something normal that happens past 1 AM in the morning, right?) :P

And then I thought, "What's my best memory from high school?" :D

Doesn't matter if you're still in high school or not, I'm sure every one of you has a best memory from high school - it could be anything really! XD

I'll start...

My best memory from high school was...

when my friend drove up to me one morning as I was walking to school and said she was going to "kidnap me to school now and 'told' me to get in the car" in her most authoritative voice possible.

But when we reached the intersection, she went out of character and paused a bit before asking, "uh...wait...which way do I turn again?". We couldn't stop laughing for the entire day.

Feel free to post yours! :D
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My best memory from high school was...

My Group was doing a social studies project (3 of us including myself) on the atomic bomb "Little boy". The day before it was due i had asked the other members in my group if maybe we were missing something to take the presentation over the top, like a model. They both had a resounding no explaining that the slide show, handouts and recreation footage of the explosion would be enough. One said jokingly that if i wanted one bad enough that i should make one myself. That night 12 hours before it was due i started making the model, and by 2 am i was complete. Seeing the faces of people as i walked into the school was good enough, but it was nothing compared to the faces of my group as i brought the model that stood about 4 foot tall into class 5 minutes before we presented out project. PRICELESS.....

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