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Western Acceptance?

A photo of Scholar104 Scholar104
Hey, what is the cutoff average for western general science and would I get accepted with a 82.3 % average?
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A photo of louzz louzz
I am in the same boat with u.. I have a 82.1..
hope we can get in
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A photo of HHuskies9 HHuskies9
I'm pretty sure the cutoff for western science was around a 83-84
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A photo of Jsonga Jsonga
Last year the cutoff for BSc was 83% and BMSc was 85.5%. They both have been going up each year.
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A photo of TotoSmith TotoSmith
I was accepted back in February with an 85-86 average. I think that the cutoff is probably between 80-85 but I would email them to be sure. Good luck!
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