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Western AEO Extracurricular Description?

A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
To those who have been accepted to the AEO program, how long and detailed were your descriptions for your extracurriculars? And if your references were called, what kinds of questions were they asked?
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A photo of cliffhanger33 cliffhanger33
Was wondering the exact same thing :)
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A photo of immaculatedx immaculatedx
Bigger activities require more points. I had like 6-12 bullets on my larger ECs, as little as 2 bullets on my smaller ECs.

It's quality not quantity, write however much you need to get your sh*t to look good. Focus on: what you did, why it was good, what the results were.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Alright thank you :)
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A photo of speedy48 speedy48
I went into as much detail as possible. For example, I gave specific instances explaining my role in an event I organized at school. It's really good I think to give solid and specific descriptions. Don't just say you're the student council president and you organized a school dance. Get down to the nitty gritty but be straight to the point (don't add unnecessary words because it should be in point form. Actually say things like "i delegated tasks to other council members and trained students after school". Add numbers if you know them (e.g. increased sales by 50%)

Unfortunately I don't know what they ask the contacts - BUT you can bet that they run through some of the details you included in the application so don't stretch the truth toooo much;)

Good luck! P.M me if you have any more questions:)
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A photo of HotTot HotTot
I only had 3 extracurriculars... 2 of which were technically jobs under the employment section

Don't put lame stuff like I volunteered once at so and so, or I played on the school basket ball team in grade 10... they want big, long term stuff that stands out. They don't want to see that you've had 20 jobs and once helped an old lady cross the street. Commitment and leadership is key.
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A photo of Subtle Subtle
I followed some kinda format lol, around 6 points for each ec. 5 points were describing the position and responsibilities, 1 point with an example.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Thanks guys. What kinds of ECs did you guys mention? and how long were you involved in those activities for?
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