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Western BMOS vs. Laurier BBA

A photo of anthonyt94 anthonyt94
I know there are many threads pertaining to this topic but everyone on the threads just says "Laurier hands down" without any explanation. I noticed in the threads that over 90% of the people went with Laurier but did not provide an explanation. I was just wondering, out of the two, which do you say is better and WHY? This wouldn't include Ivey AEO. Thanks!
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A photo of Source22 Source22

I am a Laurier student so I'm obviously going to say Laurier but I'll give you an explanation.

Laurier BBA is a business degree. It is also a business degree from a very prestigious school (for business). Laurier also offers one of the best co-op programs in Canada.

Western BMOS is a management and organizational studies degree. Although Western (Ivey) is prestigous for their business program, this is not a business administration degree nor is it equivalent to one.

Hypothetically speaking if you were to apply for a job or another post secondary institution (MBA), they will most likely pick the Laurier BBA over the Western BMOS degree.
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A photo of cloevia cloevia
I agree with what was said above ^
My reasoning:

Laurier is a really well known and respected business school, Western is a great Business school but only for Ivey... If you go with BMOs you would not have the degree in business you are looking for. If you really have your heart set on Western you could always go to Laurier than apply for Ivey after two years. This way you would still great a really well respected business degree if you did not get in. If you go with BMOs and still don't get into Ivey your felt with a kinda of sickish degree ( not that there is any thing bad with it, just compared to Laurier.)

Thats just my opinion, go with whatever you want. I believe its what you do with your degree not what is on your degree.

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A photo of jdizzy jdizzy
This is a no-brainer. The Laurier BBA is far more recognized than the Western BMOS program. Don't choose Western BMOS just because it's a 'party' school and you think you'll have more fun there. I find it funny that a lot of my friends chose Western BMOS solely for that reason alone.
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