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Western Bursary

A photo of AZhang AZhang
I was granted a bursary from University of Western for 2.1k, but my parents have already paid the tuition in full (the deferment fees are exorbitant). Does anyone know if my parents will be given a refund? If so, when?

Another question - can the bursary be used to pay for residence? The initial payment is going to be due in a few days and I think paying that in full will be a good idea.
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A photo of heesoup heesoup
I think the bursary can be used to pay for rez. It should be a much easier process than refunding the money back to you...? Call the financial office and ask!
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A photo of Meridian Meridian
Western can transfer money from your student account to residence account - just call Student financial services.
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A photo of AZhang AZhang
Thanks for the responses. I received an email from the Western Financial Services Officer and I was told that any leftover credit from the student account will be refunded by the end of October.
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