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Western Ivey AEO question

A photo of spiritswords spiritswords
Could I get an idea of what my chances would be next year with the following courses and extra curriculars

International Business
Advanced Functions
Exercise Science

Predicted top 6 average: 92-93


2 years as a pianist for a choir to serve at a seniors’ residence once a month.

Leader of crafts for 3 years

Promoted to lead and teach Sunday school

Organized and was Master of Ceremonies for Coffeehouse for 2 consecutive years, with over 100 participants

Competitive Soccer for 2 years

Leader of debate and soccer club at school

Snow shovelling business in the winter

Ebay business for 2 years ($3000 in profit)

Work Experience: 1 year at a restaurant, working 12 hours a week

Other: sponsoring a child in kenya

I'm really stressed out. I have to get into this program. Can anyone give me some feedback and suggestions on what else I could do to pretty much secure my place next year?

Thank you so much! :cheese:
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A photo of saber33 saber33
Be stressed no longer.

I am a welcome recipient of the 'gift' (or curse? for some!) that is AEO status.

I acquired this with a similar average (course selection? not relevant! [aside from english and one math credit of course]) and far fewer 'ECs'.

Of course, dear friend and reader, your application year is not the same as mine. You find yourself different against different competition than I, and may fare worse than yours truly.

Not to mention, your top six average is still a prediction. Unforseeable calamity lurks in all corners, and may prevent you from fulfilling your dreams.

Welcome the fact that you will either get in, or be rejected. There is no middle ground.


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A photo of cliffhanger33 cliffhanger33
I do something similar as OP, such as doing eBay/online business where I sell stuff for 4 times the cost, made thousands from it. I sell through online sites, meet ups, etc. Would this count as entrepreneurial experience? I wasn't sure whether it was worth mentioning or not. Coz it was just smth I did to make extra cash
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A photo of Serendipity Serendipity
Should be easy, received AEO with similar base ECs. Try to bulk up on awards and you'll definitely make it.
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A photo of onlymatthew onlymatthew
Yes, dude. Yes. I would not lie to you.
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