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A photo of mistahniceguy mistahniceguy
Can i get into ivey by taking BMOS in the first two years? if so, what are the odds?

Im a graduating student and dont have aeo status (the supplementary for aeo was very early, way before the sups for all other schools and i didnt do the it properly because i was busy with exams...)

i have an over 90 average and think it possible to have gotten the aeo status had i done the sup properly..

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A photo of beyondsection17 beyondsection17
Around 1/3 of the HBA1 class is not AEO. Yes, you can get in after 2nd year.

By the way, making excuses about how high school was too hard, the supplementary app's timing was too inconveneint and you were too busy to get your AEO status - and then claiming that had you applied, you would have been accepted, isn't that impressive and is probably why nobody has responded to your question yet.
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A photo of mistahniceguy mistahniceguy
lol ya i noticed that it does sounds kind of whiny. my bad
but my situation is like this: I spent 4 years at a genuinely tough IB program, commuting about 2 hours in total (to and from school) per day. I worked my a** off to get a 91% average at this school, only to find that kids from relatively easier schools pulled off like a 97% average and are ahead of me in lines for queens commerce, ivey, etc..
also, i did put effort in ec's, but the sheer workload that the school placed on me and the commuting did not help either.
yes, i realize that i do sound whiny. I do not expect many people to understand how valid my claim is unless they have been put in my situation. u have to respect that at least :)

p.s this is not an excuse. this is frustration
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A photo of mvplayur mvplayur
Learn to prioritize. If you wanted to get AEO Status, you should've devoted time to having an excellent Supplementary application. Most of the people I know who didn't make Ivey, started the app 1-3 days before it was due.
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A photo of mistahniceguy mistahniceguy
lol ya,right on!
but aeo didnt become my top priority until i got rejected from queens last week..
i was confident in queens as i had a 91, a well written pse + essay, and good ec's
it seems my average was just too low tho... i always expected unis to look at the high school where i got my average from.
it was hard to realize that they only look at the face value of marks... bs
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