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Western Kin - Cutoff vs Reported Average?

A photo of Berringer Berringer

Through surfing these forums, many people have said that the cut off for Western Kin is around 85%. However, the CUDO PDF says that the admission average was 85.4, with people whose marks are under 85% getting in. Could anyone clarify?

Also, my expected average is around 84-86%, do I have a good chance of getting it?

Thanks in advance!
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A photo of Jsonga Jsonga
Some of the people getting in below the cutoff are probably getting in based on their supplementary forms.

I'd say you're safe if you're above 85.5%.
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A photo of HHuskies9 HHuskies9
i was at the kine presentation on western view day and the lady at the presentation the cut-off was 85.1 which was the highest its ever been. i think the cudo one is an average of the averages of people who got in? i do have a friend who got in last year with a 83 average but he wrote the supplementary for extracurricular and outstanding achievements. You should have wrote it if you expected your average to been under or close to the cut-off. But the deadline for the supplementary is passed so that is unavailable.
try really hard to get over 85.5 i'd say and you'll be fine
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