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Western Psych?

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I've recently been accepted into Westerns Social Sciences for Psychology. I managed a 87% average for my top 6 but I have questions regarding the program itself.

First off, do you have any tips for those entering into this program for note taking, studying, how much time to put into homework ect?

Have you enjoyed this program and what are some pros and cons?

How much did you spend on textbooks for Psych?

How good do I have to be at Bio, Chem and math to survive XD?! I managed a high 70 in bio in my grade 12 year (currently victory lapping), and a high 60 in chem (I really struggle i this area) as well as currently holding a high 70 in math. I know I have to take 2 Statistics classes and but how about Bio and Chem?

Thank you for your answers!
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First of all, congratulations on the acceptance! You'll love Western.

In terms of note taking, it sorta depends. If you're a computer person and don't mind reviewing that way, many people just take them on laptops. there are plugs in most lecture halls. Some people do hand drafts, but I always find that I miss stuff that way. I find that I don't study well off of the computer, I get distracted by this website and facebook, and you tube, and college humor...you get the point. What i do is print off the lecture slides, most profs post them before class starts, and then i just write anything extra they say in the margins. I usually print 6 slides per page and have plenty of space. Find what works best for you.

If at all humanly possible, do the readings before class, it makes a difference. Even if you just skin the titles and bold words before class, you'll pay more attention and write better notes. review your lecture notes within a day of writing them, it really helps you remember things.

How much time you put into each class depends on the class, as a general rule of thumb, you should be doing 2-3 hours out of class time for every hour of lecture. It seems like alot, but when exam time comes you'll be more prepared than the crammers. For classes that you struggle with or don't enjoy, do more, or focus your time on them. Trust me. The more time you put in, the better you will do.

Textbooks vary. it depends on what other classes you plan on taking. Usually, if you buy some used, they cost between 500-700 dollars total. Don't buy them before the first class. Many profs tell you that you don't need to purchase the textbook. People get stuck every year with non returnable textbooks. When doing readings, use highlighters sparingly, otherwise you have a page of neon color and no way to pick out the important information. stay up to date on psych readings. Everyone falls so behind its ridiculous.

The Statistics classes aren't that bad, just go to class and do the practice problems.


This website will tell you which classes you need to take, and what marks you need to get.
If you want a bachelor of Arts you need to take:
1.0 course from: Psychology 1000 or the former Psychology 1200.
1.0 course from: Calculus 1000A/B, 1100A/B, 1301A/B, 1501A/B or the former 1201A/B, the former Linear Algebra 1600A/B, Mathematics 0110A/B, 1225A/B, 1228A/B, 1229A/B, 1600A/B, Applied Mathematics 1201A/B, Statistical Sciences 1024A/B.

If Mathematics 0110A/B is selected then either Statistical Sciences 1024A/B or Mathematics 1228A/B must be taken. Mathematics 1228A/B and Statistical Sciences 1024A/B is the recommended combination.

For a bachelor of Science you need to take:

1.0 course from: Psychology 1000, or the former Psychology 1200.
1.0 course from: Calculus 1000A/B, 1100A/B, 1301A/B, 1500A/B, 1501A/B, or the former 1201A/B, the former Linear Algebra 1600A/B, Mathematics 1225A/B, 1228A/B, 1229A/B, 1600A/B, Applied Mathematics 1201A/B, 1413, Statistical Sciences 1024A/B, or the former Mathematics 030.
1.0 course from: Biology 1001A or 1201A and Biology 1002B or 1202B; or the former Biology 1222 or Biology 1223.
1.0 course from: Chemistry 1100A/B and 1200B or the former Chemistry 1050, 1020 or 023, Computer Science 1025A/B, 1026A/B, 1027A/B, Physics 1028A/B, 1029A/B, 1301A/B, 1302A/B, 1501A/B and 1502A/B, or the former Physics 1020, 1024, 022 or 025.

I'm not going to lie, Chemistry is really hard. Even pure science kids struggle with it. I know bio med majors who barely got a 60 and always went to class. You need to put effort into it if you're taking it. Many people can't get through it. (It actually reduced me to tears in first year...lol). i don't mean to scare you, but, it is hard. I'm normally decent at Chem. I got an 89 in it in high school. University Chem just takes it to a whole other level. Biology is mostly memorization. Go to class take notes, you'll do fine.

Have fun, I know you will.
PM me if you have any questions. :)

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