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Western residence.

A photo of RossGemaco RossGemaco
How does residence work at UWO? I read about the "lottery system", but I also read that different buildings are faculty specific. For example in my offer of acceptance package, it said Essex Hall was an engineering dorm. Does this mean that since im in engineering, i will automatically get put into Essex hall?
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A photo of ElIipsis ElIipsis
Not really - I know plenty of Engineers living elsewhere. You might be referring to the Engineering FLOOR, which is in Essex. So, if you apply for the faculty-specific floor, you get put into a lottery system which ranks you against all other engineers aiming to live on that floor.

Other than specific floors like faculty floors, scholar's elective floors, quiet floors, all girls floors, (can't think of any more), it's all random based on your choice rankings.
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