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Hi all, was just wondering since lawschool is my backup, (its something my parents would prefer me to go into rather than business), how is the degree of difficulty of social science at western? Like how easy is to achieve a good GPA for lawschool as compared to other programs across the province? I know it all depends on how hard one works, so if I fully assert myself with good study/work habits, is it possible to pull off a good GPA or is western too hard to do so?

Any advice or feedback would be great :D.

(P.S. I talked to one my father's business colleagues who graduated from UofT and specializes in corporate law, I was greatly impressed by his overall composure and professionalism, and the annual income he makes. So ya, now I am more interested than previously if that makes sense :D)
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A photo of heesoup heesoup
If you try hard, you shall get.
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A photo of Emaad13 Emaad13
I'm pretty sure Western is not too difficult, especially if you work hard consistently!
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