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western vs mac for social science

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which one is academically better and does mac have much parties like western
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for Social Science, Western is better and has a larger variety and more interesting courses. Mac definitely does NOT have parties like Western. Western is much more lively and has much better school spirit. Between those two schools for social science, Wester...HANDS DOWN!
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A photo of PeoplesChamp PeoplesChamp
Don't choose a school because one has more parties than another because really every school is about the same with the partying. Partying depends on who you hangout with and associate yourself with. Mac and Western can both be equally crazy in terms of parties, it's all about who you know. With that said, don't go to Western if all you want to do is party, IMO Mac is better academically and better received. I chose Western for the opportunity at possibly Ivey, and I just fell in love with the campus after touring it (That and many of my relatives went to UWO.). Go ahead and Google "Western party school",I guarantee you you'll find related posts in student awards from previous years from current UWO students, and the answers are more or less that western parties are just like any university.

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A photo of heesoup heesoup
Western! :)
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A photo of emotycka emotycka
Okay, keep in mind that most of the people posting so far on this thread go to Western (myself included), so there is some bias. However, Western Social Science is recognized across the country. I'm from Alberta, and I still heard about it in high school. Western does have the best student experience. There's a great criminology program. In Psych, there's Dr. Mike, who is awesome. And there is a decent Law school here, if that's where you're headed. Plus if you eventually want to go into business, we have Ivey.

My advice to you is to visit both schools. If you see them, you'll know which one you feel more comfortable in. Deciding where to go to school is a very personal decision. Nobody can make the decision for you.
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