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Western vs. York vs. McMaster Kinesiology Program?

A photo of yooho9798 yooho9798
I got accepted to all three universities, but I don't know yet which one I should go.
I know all three are well-known in Ontario, but stil...I need some more info. Thank you.
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lol i only applied to only one of those. but i heard from friends that york is "supposedly" the best, but i'm really shakey about that notion. i didn't apply there, so i really don't have anything worry about it. i also didn't apply to mac because i felt it would be too hard and less flexibility and variety than what the other universities offered. Western is known for its social life or student experience, so if you want that you should def go because you can't compare that with that of mac and york. But i know that mac education especially the bio science stuff is solid. If you plan to go to med school after, then it actually doesn't matter which school you go to as long as you get the grades along with the mcat and interview stuff. I didn't really look at york and mac into that depth, but I can say from what I've seen in western is that it has so much variety in terms of what you can in your kinesiology program and what you can add to your degree like majors and stuff. It above all has its activity courses to, where you can actually play sports that count to your degree. If you want to avoid that, then maybe you shouldn't go to western lol. Well at the end of the day its your choice :). Hope for your best.

Western for Kinesiology
Waterloo for Kinesiology

UoT for paramedicine
Western for Biomed
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A photo of yooho9798 yooho9798
Thanks a lot!
Because I live in London, I actually know a lot about Western. I know many people who are in western Kin program and they seem to really like it. One of the most attractive things about Western Kin program is, as you mentioned, they offer practicum courses in which you can actually experience physical activities. (I love playing sports lol)
But I heard Mac's Kin is the BEST in Ontario. I went to their Kin information session and they do have solid programs. Out of 10 courses in the first year, 6 Kin coursces are mandatory and even electives have to be somewhat-related to kinesiology.
I also heard York Kin is as good as Western. In addition, it's easier to get decent GPA at York than other two (based on what I heard). Because I'm planning to go to Grad School, I really have to consider this factor as well.

It's just so hard to decide a school where I will spend my next 4 years...*sigh*
Again, thanks a lot for replying. Hope for your best!
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