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I was told by admissions that I don't qualify for residence because I'm coming in from CEGEP....

Anyway, Western offered me first year admission to engineering and an alternate offer for second year science. In my admissions package I had a paper offering me residence... which is confusing.

I'm not sure if this was a mistake or if they genuinely offered my a guaranteed spot in residence, even though I don't meet any of the requirements (well, I'm unmarried and without child). Perhaps I only get the guarantee if I choose engineering? Anyway, even if I choose science (which I'm leaning towards), I only have 3/5 credits, so I'm technically a first year student in my second semester.... and have never been to university....

I also live 10 hours away and can't look for a place -.- nor do I know anyone going to Western...

I don't want to contact housing because I don't want my offer to be withdrawn. Which brings me to my other question: once I make the 800$ deposit, do they have the right to take back my guarantee and refund me the 800$?

Which would really, really, really suck.

Please let me know if you have heard of anyone in a similar situation.. or have any advice whatsoever!

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