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Westerns Biomed Program !! Admission average !!

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Hey guys I just have a general question about western's biomed program . I want to know if the following marks will get me into the program for fall of 2012. It says for program requirements you need advanced function English , and two of the following science ( bio Chem physics and so forth) but these are my marks

- advanced functions 90
- English 80
- biology 84
- chemistry 90
- calculus 90
- philosophy 87

Average : 87% !!

Will these marks get me in ? They are all university courses so . And I also have a question about physics . I didn't take it at all through out highschool , is it true they make you take a physics for people who didn't take it ?
Thanks :)
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An 87 should be just enough, but you're sitting on the borderline. The cut-off is usually about 86%.
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I would say with a final average of 87% you are guaranteed admission to the program; for this year's entering class, the admission cut-off was 85.5%.

I believe it's highly improbable that the cut-off will rise 1.5% to 87%, since that would necessitate a pool of applicants that have much better grades than those of previous years.

If these are your final marks, I highly recommend taking a summer-school course to boost your average to an 87% (it's 86.83% as of now), since you would earn yourself a $1,000 scholarship from UWO. Think of it as being paid a grand to take a summer-school course with the advantage of perhaps further preparing yourself for university.

Best of luck.
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