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What are my chances for getting into Biomed @ Western?

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My top 6 marks would be:

Biology: 92
Chemistry: 90
Advanced Functions: 92
English: 86
Family Studies: 92
World Issues: 96

Overall average: 91.3%

I dropped Calculus because I was having a lot of issues with my teacher, but the prereqs for this year just say English, Advanced functions, and 2 of the following: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Calculus, etc. Will I get penalized for not taking Calculus? It says it's strongly recommended, so I'm not sure.

Also, I keep getting mixed replies about the admission average for last year. Some people are saying it was an 85.5% and others are saying it was 87-88%. If it was an 87-88%, is it possible for the cutoff to be a lot higher this year? I'm stressing :( someone help!
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You will get in, your mark is way above the cutoff which was 85.5% last year. I am sure it was that because I went to Western's open house and the professor said last year's cutoff was 85.5%. This year I think it'll rise a bit but probably only by 1%, at the most 2%. Either way, you still have way above it so I wouldn't worry at all if I were you.
It's perfectly fine you didn't take calculus. "Strongly recommended" would be for your own sake after you get in...it doesn't have anything to do with you getting an offer or not.
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REALLY?! Haha thank you! I hope you're right!

I noticed you also applied to kinesology! So did I. I'm trying to choose between biomed and kin. I don't know which one would be better for me. I want pursue dental school or med school after. Which one do you think would be easier to get high marks in?
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No problem :bball:
You applied to Mac Kinesiology too or did you mean Western Kinesiology?

Biomed first year is pretty tough considering about 50% of people don't make it to second year and instead gets put into the regular science program. You have to take Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math and 2 electives(0.5 credit in each) throughout the first year. I think that's quite a heavy workload. However, Biomed is a good choice if you're thinking of medical school, because the MCAT is on physics, bio, math, chem and english. It would be easier to get a higher GPA if you're doing your undergrad in Kinesiology though. If you do that, just make sure you're taking lots of maths and sciences as your electives. As for dental school, I strongly recommend Kinesiology because the DAT is focused more on physiology.
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