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what are my chances for getting into engineering???

A photo of sabti sabti
hey i was wondering what my chances would be of getting accepted with my current marks?

world religion - 94
advanced functions - 80
chemistry - 80
music - 94
english - 91
calculus - currently in progress
physics - 75 (aiming for 80 by april report card)
biology - 90

overall average : 86.3 %

applied to:

waterloo chemical engineering: pending
western chemical engineering: pending
mcmaster chemical engineering: pending
queens chemical engineering: pending
ryerson chemical engineering : accepted
u of t chemical engineering: pending
u of t scarborough human biology: pending
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2 replies
A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
I would say about 100% seeing as you have been accepted...However, you should have a high chance of getting into some of the others as well.
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A photo of LindaS LindaS
I swear you asked this like 20 hundred times...
Anyway, no one on this forum can give you a definite answer, so I guess you'll just have to wait till may to get you definite answer.
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