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What Are My Chances For McMaster Commerce?

A photo of DeMarcus DeMarcus
My current marks are:

ENG4U - 85 (Final)
MHF4U - 80 (Final)
CIA4U - 82 (Final)
CHY4U - 83 (Final)
BBB4M - 85 (Final)
MDM4U - Currently Doing, Projected 86

Top 6 Average: 83.5%

Programs I Applied To:

-McMaster Commerce
-Brock BBA With Co-Op
-Western BMOS
-Ryerson Business Management
-York Admin Studies

I really want to get into McMaster, what do you guys think my chances are for McMaster and my other choices. Also when do you guys think I can expect offers to come in.

*MDM4U is the only course I'm doing this semester thru night school
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A photo of brandonholmes brandonholmes
I don't know anyone personally who's in yet, but you have a shot with 83. They don't round the marks up, so its an 83 on the dot by the way. Offers won't come in if you don't have at least 6 courses finished or in progress until your mid-term is done and sent to OUAC, so be very patient.
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