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What are my chances for these programs?

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Here are the programs I applied to:

Ryerson University - Business Management
Ryerson University - Business Technology Management
Ryerson University - Retail Management
Trent University - Business Administration (Oshawa)
Trent University - Business Administration (Peterborough)

So, first semester is almost done, and I screwed up. Here are my first semester courses and what marks I think I'm gonna get:

Semester 1
Accounting - 64
Advanced Functions - 65
International Business - 80

Yes, I know, I screwed up badly. I'm gonna retake Advanced Functions in night school though, and Accounting in virtual school. I'm hoping I'll get high 70s/low 80s on these two courses after retaking it (I know the course material, it's just.....sh*t happened on summative assignments/tests).

Here are my courses for second semester:

Business Leadership
Calculus & Vectors

I'm fairly confident that I can get at least mid 80s in business leadership since my firends had it in first semester and they said it was mostly writeups (which I'm pretty good at). English, I'm hoping to get an 80. Calculus and vectors, on the other hand, I'm not so sure about. Considering the fact that I got such a low mark in advanced functions, I'm hoping this will be around 60-65.

Apart from these 6 courses that I'm taking at school, I also have a high school credit from piano lessons outside of school. It's shown on my transcript as AMX4M1, with a 73 (yes, 73 is a crappy mark for music, but remember this is for piano....)

What are my chances of getting into Ryerson and Trent? Should I just give up right now and get a job at McDonald's?

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