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What are my chances like??

A photo of SumitD22 SumitD22
I'm currently a grade 12 student, and I have applied to the following Universities (ranked in order of interest):
McMaster University:
- Engineering I Co-op
University of Waterloo:
- Civil Engineering (1st choice)
- System Design Engineering (2nd choice)
- Management Engineering (3rd choice)
University of Toronto:
- Civil Engineering (1st choice)
- Industrial Engineering (2nd choice)
- Electrical Engineering (3rd choice)
- Chemical Engineering (4th choice)
- Mechanical Engineering (5th choice)

My grades so far:
English - 81 (final)
Adv. Functions - 75 (final) (screwed up)*
Chemistry - 73 (final (screwed up)* again.
Calculus - 97 (mid-term)
Physics - 85(mid-term)
Food & Nutrition - 97 (mid-term)

With a top-6 average likely to be between 83-84%

Extra Curriculars:
- 240 Hours of Volunteering
- Multicultural Club Senior member (past 3 years)
- Leadership Group (Vice-Head) (past year)
- Cricket Team (Past 2 years)
- Vocal Lessons (outside of school)

What are my chances? Mainly for McMaster Engineering, but also looking into Waterloo and UofT. Please be helpful at the least :) ? Thank You.
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A photo of Muirhead11 Muirhead11
I'm kinda in the same boat, applied to Mac, Queens and Waterloo with roughly an 85 avg

extra curriculars:

Rep Hockey (GR.9-11)
Houseleague Hockey (GR.12)
Belong at Golf Club (GR,9-12)
Not sure if this counts but I work out 4 days/week
and 17 hours/week working (GR.12)

How do my extracuriculars look? I haven't done anything with my school, however, rep hockey is extremely time consuming
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A photo of VegaKrazmych VegaKrazmych
What does your * signify?
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