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What are my chances of getting AEO stat for Ivey and what should I do!

A photo of BenWillcox BenWillcox
Hi! I'm applying for AEO status for Ivey and have a few concerns...
In grade 9 I was in all academic level courses but didn't do very well (to social) and dropped to applied level courses for grade 10 (with the advice of my guidance councilor). I then pretty much screwed around for grades 10 and half of grade 11 and got pretty low marks...in applied level courses...but the second semester of grade 11 I decided I was ready to stop messing around and use the brain I'd been born with. They said they wouldn't let me go in academic courses for grade 12 because my applied level marks weren't even acceptable. So I figured I'd prove to them I could atleast destroy the 4 college, 1 M, and 1 U (yearbook) level courses I was set to take in grade 12. I did just that and achieved a 94 average, the highest college level high school average in my school (don't worry...I know that this is not really an accomplishment at all lol.) With a high enough college level average I discovered a private school in the summer after grade twelve and over the course of 5 months completed university level english, calc, advanced functions, and data management averaging 95% between them (I worked my ass off). Because I screwed up for grades 9/10/half of 11 I have crappy EC during that time period except for consistent jobs from age 12 to now (age 18). I've been trying to boast my EC since the beginning of grade 12 but I'm pretty sure that doesn't look to good to the admissions office....

I have a 93 percent average (top 6 U/M level marks) and my extracurriculars are as follows:
- Member of toastmasters international for the past 2 months
- volunteer work as a financial administrator for the past 6 months
- Executive photographer and visual designer for a grade 12 yearbook class (achieved a 98% av)
- Member of a anti-tobacco campaign in my business class of grade 11
- member of a penny drive in grade 12 business class
- Volunteered in a few charitable organizations
-40 hours volunteer work at a local charitable clothing line
- worked consistantly at jobs including Tim Hortons, Walmart (as a sales rep in a cellphone booth), Factory line worker, Landscaper, and dishwasher. The one that obv sticks out is the cellphone booth in walmart, which I currently work at, and have for the past year.

SO my question is....even though my 90+ av and acceptable EC permit me to apply to IVEY, is it worth bothering? will they look at my past (before grade 12) and judge me? I'm thinking about writing one of the supplementary essays around my transformation from a ordinary student to a scholar, should I? or should I fill out the "special circumstances" section with regards to this?

Any input appreciated, thanks!
p.s don't judge my spelling/grammar/anything because I'm jotting this down in a rush as I'm stressing out over it haha:colors:

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A photo of NumberOne NumberOne
Firstly, WOW..I think it's really commendable what you've done - you have showed a hell of a lot of commitment.

You should most definitely apply to Ivey AEO Status and fill out the special circumstances essay just to explain why you have all the College courses. I'd be more surprised if you didn't get accepted than if you did.

Also, private school marks are inflated so don't think that a 94 privates school = 94 in day school. Take at least one U/M course in day school and see how well you do in that course. If you end up with a high 80/90..then yeah, Ivey is for you..but if you see yourself struggling, you might struggle in university too and remember, to get into Ivey Business you need to maintain an 80 average throughout your first two years of uni. (Uni 80 does not = high school 80)

Good luck! :)
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A photo of BenWillcox BenWillcox
Thanks for your reply!
I did go to a public day school from grade 9-12, and in grade 12 I took a university level visual arts (yearbook) and got a 98%, as well as a 92% in an M level Gr.12 business course. So hopefully those two will show them that I can do day schooling to!
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A photo of NumberOne NumberOne
Then you're set! Did you apply to Queen's and Schulich too?
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A photo of Rohan Rohan
To answer your question, YES. It IS def. worth it for you to apply! I've seen many people struggle in trying to do what you did (the 'transformation'), so to show that off would also be phenomenal and it would most likely help your chances of getting in. The EC standards for AEO are pretty high I think, but what you have is pretty commendable... I think you should really go for it and use the transformation experience to your advantage. Oh and, it's weird because I got the exact same mark as you in the Grade 12 Yearbook class - a 98% (I fast tracked and took it last year, though). Same mark as you for the Business class too, haha. Good luck!
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A photo of goldmansachs goldmansachs
Haha, wow man that's quite a story. I have a really similar story to yours but I stopped messing around just when Gr.11 started. I remember in Gr.10 my average was a 47.3 .. and they wouldn't let me take U level courses in Grade 11, but I begged and begged and prove those bitchyy guidance counsellors wroooong! Haha, I remember in Gr.10 people use to look down on me because of my grades and now those f*ags ask me for help.

Anyways, I definitely think you should apply. I was actually going to write the transformation thing on my application, but my teacher advised me not too because he thinks they'll look down on me and think I'm not a consistent student or don't have commitment or something..

I advise that you don't write the supplementary about your transformation..because your marks, EC's and work experience is pretty much all they are looking for. I wouldn't take the risk.. I mean you already have your main university level courses and you claimed to do really well.. so I don't think you need to do it.

I also think Special Circumstances is for more serious issues.. like suddenly discovering you have a disease or a death of a family member.

Good luck!
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A photo of BigBMan BigBMan
Anything before grade 12 can only help you, never hurt you. It doesn't matter.

I think you should be fine. If you can, it wouldn't hurt to fill out the special circumstances form.
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A photo of g93 g93
What the hell is Toastmasters International? Is it an exclusive club about toasting bread, bagels, poptarts, English muffins, toaster strudels, and any other non-metal item that you can stick in a toaster or something?

Great story. What the guys above said. Go for it.
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A photo of imsyed imsyed
Yup as every one said Go with it...

If you can try and fit your story into the essays I will say that would be better than using the special circumstances section..

And As you have been working consistently you could also stress on the fact that you scored a great average while being on a permanent (if it is) job.

Well all said. I really admire the way you took the step towards hardwork.. it isnt easy. Personally I am so lazy that I cant get myself to sit down and concentrate on a particular subject until it hits me in the face xD

Well maybe it was the same case with you.. but what ever it was.. It was good. And I wish you the best of luck!

And as Number One asked.. Do apply to other good business schools as well (if you arent planning on doing so already! )
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A photo of BenWillcox BenWillcox
Thanks for all the responses!
- I'm going to apply to the big three: AEO, Schulich iBBA, and Queens commerce. For backup I'm going to apply to Laurier and McGill.
- Toastmasters International is a public speaking/presentation/leadership club.

Ahhhh any more opinions on whether I should include the transformation in my sup essay, special circumstances, or at all? I'm just worried that if I don't say anything about it they will be questioning the private school I'm at because I went from college level courses to uni level at the private school with such success. BUT on the other hand is I do write about how I did poorly and then very well I wouldn't really know how to state it...because there isn't a pinpointed reason for it like "my mom died and I was too depressed to do well in school" it's more like "I f*cked up, became to social, partied to much, and didn't try" and I don't know any other way to word it without lying! haha.
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A photo of imsyed imsyed
Do it the way you told us.. Clear, Simple and True :)
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A photo of prefontaine prefontaine
If your name doesn't end in stein then your not getting into Ivey.
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A photo of BenWillcox BenWillcox
My biggest worry is that I only got an 85% in my grade 12 college level math (although I did better in grade 12, I still was only on the road to using my full potential and wasn't quite there yet). This mark is pretty horrible for a COLLEGE level math course..and it's truly because I only came to class like once a week (basically just to write the tests, without any previous knowledge or studying about the topic). Basically I'm worried because this makes my Calc and AF marks look pretty sketchy, but in reality I earned them completely fairly by working hard and asking a lot of questions.
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A photo of BenWillcox BenWillcox
HOLD ON, what do you guys think of this (straight of the website)?

How are the averages calculated for the Ivey AEO status?
Ivey doesn’t calculate the admission average, Western central admissions does. In addition, they will calculate several different averages throughout the admission process. For Ontario students, they will calculate your admission average using your 6 highest courses including English.

Could this mean that the admissions office for ivey AEO doesn't see all o the marks on your transcript like the western admissions office does? It sounds like Ivey only see's the top six marks and an overall average between those six - calculated and chosen by western. If ivey only see's the top six marks and overall average I wouldn't have to write the special circumstances essay or worry about my 85% in college math because they wouldn't see those marks. mmmmmmm......what do you guys think?!
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A photo of BenWillcox BenWillcox
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A photo of g93 g93

@BenWillcox wrote
Toastmasters International is a public speaking/presentation/leadership club.

That's way less exciting than what I had thought it was.
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A photo of imsyed imsyed
^ really ?

That made it sound atleast a bit interesting for me :P
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