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What are my chances of transferring to Software Engineering at UW?

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Unfortunately I got rejected from Waterloo's Software Engineering. The second choice program I listed on my AIF was Computer Science. I have yet to find out why they hadn't even considered me for it. Instead, they offered me admission to the Co-Op Geomatics program in the Faculty of Environment.

Although I really don't want to accept the poor alternative offer I received to Geomatics, in the letter they mentioned that there was a chance that I would be able to transfer into Software Engineering:

"Please note that a few students may be able to seek a future transfer to Software Engineering after completion of their first year of study, but consideration will only be given for 1A standing, and space to transfer is very limited."

What I would like to hear from you guys is how many people do you think can make the cut second year? and how well do you have to do in terms of marks or whatever else?
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I know a person who transferred into SE after 1A. However, his university average was definitely in the low to mid 90s. He only took the normal level courses, however (as opposed to the advanced courses: Math 145/7 or CS 145).

To be honest, I think CS would be harder to transfer into in terms of workload shock versus SE based on the math requirements, though actually getting into SE and perhaps volume of work there would be worse. It depends. If you work hard, and are very persistent, you could have a chance. But remember that with all the alternate offers this year, a lot of people are going to be in the same boat. Grades will definitely matter.

On a side note, I know a person that transferred into Geomatics from CS because she claimed it was less hoop-jumping for her. She has a pretty low tolerance for that kind of thing and is also quite intelligent so I don't suppose it's *that* bad of a program.
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^ are you in 2015? : o i know of a guy like that too. but the big reason he got in was cause he took phys, so it was a lot easier for the transfer, but it was still rocky.

it's definitely possible to transfer into the program, it can just be really hard cause you needa catch up with the rest of the class (so it's easier if youve taken similar math + phys courses).

IDK about the marks required to transfer into SE, but you gotta consider a few things: there will definitely be people who drop out/transfer from SE, or stay back to wait for the next year (ie. if you fail out and you were in 2015, you are given a chance to be in 2016 class) - they give more priority to kids who get put back a year.

Can I ask what was your average and how was your AIF? Ive heard of Geomatics but I dont know much about it. If you really dont want to go through the hassle of transferring, do you have offers from other schools?
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