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What are my chances to get into UofT soc sci?

A photo of aisa1231 aisa1231
I've applied for UofT St.George social science - East Asian Studies

I have one repeated course in my top6, was 30% and i dropped before final, and got 75% for the second time.

in the website they mentioned that "they reserves the right to use the first attempt at a course"

My overall average is 83.5%
(the admission avg requires low80s, which i believe i'm a little bit above the average?)
but someone i know got accpet to uoft one month ago with an average 81%, so that really worries me, they really care about repeated course?

accounting 75%
human growth & development 75%
Organizational business 88%
international business 86%
Eng 86%
History 91%
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A photo of itruffles itruffles
i think you'll get it if it wasn't an important course.
what did that person you know have in english? because my top 6 is an 81 too ...
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A photo of Cuiter23 Cuiter23
I think you will, 83.5 is a competitive average for Faculty of Social Sciences. I got in UTM within a month or two. I'm just waiting for a transfer to UTSG with 89%. Although I did not hear back from them yet, again, its only been 3 days since they received my updated transcripts.

So you will have nothing to worry about IMO.

Good Luck!
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