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What are my chances with UBC business and SFU business?

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So far, I have a 92% overall average calculated with my top 6 courses.

Math (Advanced Functions) - 93%
English - 93%
World Issues - 90%
Business Leadership - 95%
Sports and Entertainment Marketing - 95%
Photography 90%

My ECs are..

Events Chairperson - School Government
Editor of Photography - Yearbook
Photography Club founder and President
Basketball 2 time MVP
Symphony Orchestra member

What do you think my chances are for UBC and SFU business?
Just in case, I also applied to UBC arts, and SFU arts. What are my chances there?
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A photo of forthewinwin forthewinwin
Provided that you do your supplementary application well, you will not have to worry as long as you maintain your average. Last year many people got in with ~91 with a pretty well done supplementary application while the ones who did an extraordinary application got in with ~87-88. This is for UBC, so for SFU you probably don't even have to worry.

UBC last year, admitted 6.4% approx. of their high school applicants- roughly 500 out of 7700. These numbers are pulled directly from the Sauder site.

According to the Maclean's Magazine and to word, the UBC cutoff for Arts last year was 87%, with SFU being a bit lower. You should be fine, in the unfortunate case you don't make it into commerce.

My personal advice, however, is to opt for UBC Commerce over SFU Business if given the opportunity. I'm sure other people in this forum will tell you that the international reputation of a business school is extremely important. From what I've heard, SFU BBA graduates haven't been doing so well lately (i.e. having trouble finding work). Ask around. I'm at Douglas (which has a partnership with SFU), so these stories get around since there is a large population of students looking to transfer into SFU.

Besides, I like the idea of a large firm recruiting me if I become one of the top students at UBC...

I'm not implying that SFU is "bad" for business, but at the end of the day their 91% employment rate (again, pulled from the Sauder site) alone is enough to attract me to their school.

I've done my supplementary application a while ago, so if you're interested, we can help each other out by providing each other advice. I endured the process when I was a high school student and will be doing so again. Just PM me for my e-mail if you're interested.

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