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What are my chances?

A photo of JoSmith JoSmith
With a 72%

-Earth Science Major (requirements 70%-74%)

My back up is a BA in environmental studies at Carleton.

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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
I don't know about Carleton personally, but 72 is pretty borderline for any university, I would think.
Most universities want at least mid-70s to secure a spot, I would say.
But like I said, maybe Carleton is a little different and doesn't expect as high averages.
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A photo of JoSmith JoSmith
^Thanks for the only reply.

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A photo of safarhealthsci1 safarhealthsci1
Well, you are with in the cut off range, You might get accepted, but very mlate in May. 72% is really pushing it. Are you sure you can handle university? or was this mark due to other personal problems?
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