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What are my odds?

A photo of smandair smandair
Hello Internet,

I've already been accepted at McMaster but what are my chances of getting into Civil Engineering at U of T and Waterloo?

Gr 11 average: 85
Gr 12 first semester average: 89
Extracurriculars: Student Council Vice President, Musical, Improv team captain, peer tutor among other things.

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A photo of PepperShaker PepperShaker
both should be fine as long as your english average is over 80. This is esp true for UT. I have friends who got rejected last year, having a cumulative average of 92, and 70 in english.

EC for Waterloo counts for a lot. I remember filling out the EC form and later deciding not to file my academic application since i've decided not to go there. The recruitment councilor personally contacted me after the deadline and told me to submit it. So if you are serious about Waterloo, make sure you spend a lot of time on their EC application.
good luck!
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