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What are my options with my current grade?

A photo of ilikecs ilikecs
English: 62
Biology: 65
Advanced Functions: 50
Earth and Space science: 84

this is my first semester

my second semester just started I can probably do better this semester and pull out with 80s.
my second semester:
Computer Graphics

So my question is do I forget about going university?
what are my options?
I would greatly love to go to university going back to highschool is last option
please and thank you
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
What universities/ programs have you applied for? The courses you've taken are really different from each other it looks like you’re really indecisive about what you want as a career.

Honestly, it's not looking that good for you. Perhaps there were other issues which has caused you to not perform the best you could in school, but yes, I would consider college as an option. Don't think that college isn't a good form of education just because it's a "college", a more hands on environment could suit you better. Though if you improve significantly in the second semester, there will be universities that will accept you.

With that said, I REALLY advise you stay back a year. Another year will relieve a lot of pressure and could help you discover what you really want to do, give you more time to research and find out if you want to go to university or college. You seem to be struggling in math the most, is the program you’re applying to math intensive? If so, maybe you should look at a different program since math won’t get any easier in university.

Just at least give some serious thought into staying back a year. If you go to college/ university unprepared or go into a program that you find out you don’t like/ find too hard, that’s thousands of dollars you’re wasting. Even worse, if you find you can’t keep up with the work load and drop out, it’ll be extremely hard to find another university/ college who’s willing to take you.
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A photo of Uncotran Uncotran
Ok well, 65% average is really below average... Have you applied to York and Ryerson? You may have a chance there depending on what program you're trying to get into...If you're thinking about something like business or biology, I'd say take a fifth year.

Now assuming you get 80's in all of those 4 courses, you'll hit a 73+ average which should be enough to get you into some programs at a smaller university.
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A photo of zak691 zak691
well its simple..if ur 2 sem midterm marks are in high 80's for all courses u will get in uni..and u have to end up with above 75 range...and yes which program and uni u want to go or applied??

UOIT + Ryersn will take u with mid 70's
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A photo of Qq Qq
You can probably pull off a mid 70's average which should be good enough for a lot of programs at any university.. Well obviously the lower standard programs
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A photo of Jesseyeahh Jesseyeahh
Just try harder this semester and you should be open to a lot of universities for a variety of programs. Especially if you can land a 75% +
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A photo of kseguin kseguin
I know for me, I was sort of in the same boat as you....I actually went back for an extra year of high school (so I did like "grade 13" if you want to call it that!)...I don't know what programs (or universities) you're looking at...but I know for my university (Algoma University) you only need a 65% average for most programs...but I think for some of the sciences you need at least a 70% average...but obviously if you want to be at a bigger name university (like U of T or Western) you need a good 80-ish% average....but obviosuly do what you think is best for you!
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
You DEFINITELY need more than an 80-ish for "big" name schools..
more like 86 - 90ishh.
Keep workingg on it budd!
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