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What are mychances for MATH/Farm

A photo of barry1994 barry1994
I currently have a top 6 of 91.16

I got 72 last year on eucilid

I also have a part-time job and decent ECs

where do i stand exactly?

Thank you.
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A photo of SkylarNoeL SkylarNoeL
This is perplexing to me.

I got my Math/FARM acceptance in... like... late February. With pretty much the exact same average as you... around 91-ish. I know another person with a 95.6% average who still hasn't been accepted into FARM yet, which is strange because I thought that with an average like that (especially compared to my modest 91%) she should have by this point.

I'm not even trying to brag or anything, I just don't really understand how I got the offer that early. I did not write the Euclid last year and the offer came before this year's Euclid. I didn't have any previous outstanding math contest results like Hypatia and my average is definitely not that high compared to other applicants. It wasn't until just a little while ago that I noticed that not that many people already have their FARM offers, which I found surprising.

My guess is that they must have really liked my AIF because nothing else I really did stood out compared to other people that I heard have also applied to Math/FARM. But 91% to 95.6% average is a pretty big leap, same with late-Feb acceptance to late-April pending decision. Perhaps she bombed her AIF, I dunno.

Anyways, if you go by my case I would say that your average is enough, the rest is based on your AIF and quite possibly your Euclid. I think you have a decent shot, they'll still be rolling out offers till late-May, and since your marks, AIF and Euclid scores are all in, you should just relax and take it easy for the next few weeks. There definitely doesn't seem to be anything wrong with your average, it might just be Math/FARM rolls out offers lopsidedly, categorized by school or something.

Good luck :)
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