yconic - What are some good schools with good Finance/Economic/Marketing programs?
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What are some good schools with good Finance/Economic/Marketing programs?

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Hey everyone:bounce:! I'm curious to hear people's opinions! I'm really not that interested in accounting, nor am I all that great at it! I'm just curious to hear people's opinions on some good programs that people would recommend! I enjoy marketing a lot! So if anyone has any recommendations on good marketing programs I would be thoroughly interested! :cheers:
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Any business school essentially. The top schools will in general afford more opportunities. Some people will tell you Schulich is great for marketing, other people will say no Queen's, others will say hell no it's Ivey all the way, and some may even say Laurier or something. Pick any of the top schools and you are fine though.

Consider tuition costs, school atmosphere, social life, rez, class sizes, city, etc.
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You should look into Ivey, Queens, Schulich and Rotman. In my opinion Queens and especially Ivey give you a strong skillset for marketing out of undergrad.
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I worked in marketing for 2 years before going to university. Queen's, Laurier, and Schulich students I worked with owned the other schools. However, I doubt the school has a lot to do with it. You just have to be developed as an individual. Visit all of the schools and get a feel of the vibe they exude. Pick the one which you like the most based on the gut feeling and that school will help you discover yourself over your 4 years there. That will be the best thing you can do if you want to be in marketing. ;)
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