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What are some Scholarships Based on High Marks?

A photo of blackhole252 blackhole252
I have a 96% average, have won the highest average award every year at my high school + 20 subject awards to date.

I'm involved with non-athletic and non-music clubs such as:
* student council
* grad committee
* debate club
* schoolreach
* princiapl's round table
* homework club

My outside involvement is very limited. The only non-school based volunteer I've done is help at a microbiology lab once a week (2 hours/week). I have 200 hours to date.

Despite my high marks, I'm at a disadvantage for most non-automatic scholarships. What are some scholarships that mainly focus on my marks, apart from entrance scholarships?



At the microbiology lab I help do sample analysis, disinfection, bacteria and virus testing, quality control, cleaning materials, file papers.
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A photo of JessicaLuc15 JessicaLuc15
what kind of things do you do at the microbio lab? =)
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A photo of AliBouHamya AliBouHamya
Ya, same here. I have a very high average but my community involvement is only related to basketball and it does not seem that important to others. I also need to find scholarships based solely on my average only.
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A photo of Hdefinition Hdefinition
Yeah, I would like to know as well. I got a high GPA (98%), but I have limited community involvement. I do have a part time job, and Ive done some volunteer work for old people.
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A photo of s062454096 s062454096
Seems like based on all of the things you do at school you have a shot for things like the Schulich awards and other research scholarships (those are given out by universities once you accept an offer). Any others??

Maybe just start volunteering somewhere too, and you can count it. This Sept I started doing soup kitchens eg. I have a 98% av, student council president, started a charity club, head of another 2 philanthropic clubs, lifeguard/teaching job, piano, 3 sports, etc to give you an idea.
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A photo of ktel ktel
You'd be surprised what sort of scholarships you can get with a high average and just a few ECs. I was no "Save the children in Africa" type of person, but had a high average and a decent number of ECs and received quite a few scholarships. Most of my scholarships were from my university (the U of A), I received very few external scholarships.
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