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What are the job prospects for UBC sauder Bcomm?

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Does anyone know whats the job prospects with a Bcomm in sauder? Can you get a decent job in Vancouver upon graduation?
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@ufoate wrote
Can you get a decent job in Vancouver upon graduation?

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You won't see Sauder mentioned too much on this forum, but I can tell you that if it was in Ontario, it would be getting all kinds of great reviews. It's one of the top business programs in Canada, and definitely the best on the West Coast.
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@illuminati wrote
I'd like to fill you in a little bit about Sauder:
- Sauder has an acceptance rate that is as low as Queen's and Ivey
- They are the only business school in Canada that is recruited by Google and by six of the top seven companies listed from the Top 100 MBA Employers ranked by Fortune.
- They're invited to compete in some of the most prestigious international case competitions in the world, namely the USC International Case Competition, the CBS Case Competition and the Champions Trophy.
- They are partnered with some of the world's best business schools namely HEC Paris, IE Business School, ESADE, NUS, Bocconi and Tsinghua.
- They have Canada's largest student body government for business with an annual operating budget over $1 million and with over 700 students involved in leadership roles.

@illuminati wrote
UBC did struggle to bring in recruiters to Vancouver in the past, but that has changed a lot in the recent couple of years. The elite PMF program sent 4 of their 7 grads to NY last yr, the newly formed Capital Markets Mentorship program networks with Goldman Sachs, RBC Capital and a dozen other investment firms, and the Finance Club organizes the most impressive events and is sponsored by all of the major Cdn banks along with Citibank and Morgan Stanley. They also host the annual National Investment Banking Competition. Your second best choice. Also, Vancouver happens to be a great city to live in.

@illuminati wrote
1) Student Pride & Involvement: As far as EC involvement, Sauder blows Rotman out of the waters. The Commerce Undergraduate Society has more than 700 Sauder students involved in leadership positions and has an operating budget of over a $1 million, which is the largest for all business-specific student governments in Canada. Sauder has also done a fantastic job in performing in national and international business competitions this year. Rotman...where have they gone or do they even care about student pride?
2) Global exchange: I like Sauder's global exchange program as they partner with some of the top business schools in the world, namely HEC Paris, Bocconi, IE Business School, UCLA/Berkeley, ESADE to name a few. As for Rotman, there are some renowned schools that Rotman students can visit (i.e.: Tsinghua, ANU, etc.), but these opportunities are also offered to non-commerce UofT students. I also heard from a friend that graduated from Rotman that only a small amount of students go on exchange - compare that to 33% that went on exchange from Sauder's graduating class last year.
3) Career Preparation: Rotman is within Canada's financial capital, but so is Schulich and Ryerson. Rotman's career center, from what I heard, has improved over the years but still struggles in getting a large number of students to use their services. Sauder is almost monopolistic in snagging Vancouver jobs, but also has a large alumni network spanning from Bay St to Wall St. Career center employs a few career advisors, including an ex-McKinsey consultant.
4) Academics: Rotman is notorious for slaying their students with their grading curve. Sauder students fare better with averages around B-/B and are offered a wider variety of options to major in.

@illuminati wrote
UBC PMF is really one to check out:

Class of 2010 FT Placements:
Goldman Sachs (New York)
Goldman Sachs (New York)
Goldman Sachs (Calgary)
Miller Tabak Roberts (New York)
RBC Capital Markets (Toronto)
Burgundy Asset Mgt (Toronto)
RCM Partners (Toronto)

Class of 2011 FT Placements:
Goldman Sachs (New York)
Morgan Stanley (New York)
JP Morgan (London)
TD Securities (Toronto)
Mackenzie Cundill (Vancouver)

Class of 2012 Internships:
Goldman Sachs (New York)
Morgan Stanley (New York)
C.V. Starr (New York)
Greywolf Capital (New York)
JP Morgan (London)
RBC Phillips, Hager & North (Vancouver)
Leith Wheeler (Vancouver)
CAI Capital (Vancouver)

Quoted some posts from a dude who seems to very knowledgeable about the school, so his posts should be able to clarify what you are asking, but if not shoot him a PM. I know that Sauder is a great business school and I regret not applying. You shouldn't have a problem finding a job in Vancouver especially as they are top business school in the west coast. Here are their annual reports for their BComm program, Bcomm program with co-op and their PMF program. Take a look:

BComm Report
BComm Report Co-op
PMF Annual Report
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Wow, thanks goldmansacs!

That was really helpful. Will definately drop him a PM. Anyway, why did u say that u regret not applying? Aren't u studyin in queens commerce (from ur siggy)?
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