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What Can You Do With A BA

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ALright, im in a bit of a pickel. My problem is that I have a genuine interest in social sciences in general, but I don't really see where they can lead me. I have no interest in science (despite my username) or in buisness, really.

And I don't see the point of taking a BA to apply to law school after (which I would consider)if I can do it anyways.

In general it seems kind of like a dead-end, and with education inflation im concerned a BA will be equivelent to what a high-school diploma was 30-35 years ago.

Just want to hear what all of you think....

Sidenote: whats distinguishes a BA from a Bsc in pysch in terms of job oppurtunities.
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A photo of KingSpades KingSpades
These are the most common BA options:

-Law school
-Teacher's college
-Graduate School
-Business school (yes you can master in business w/ a BA)
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A photo of Alison.Perovich Alison.Perovich

I don't know a whole lot about social sciences (I'm an arts student) but www.careercruising.com helped me a lot. My academic adviser told me about it and it's pretty helpful for figuring out what programs lead to what careers.

Take care,

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A photo of JennaLynMarie JennaLynMarie
Law school is a big one. If you're even remotely interested in that, then a BA would work fine for you. Yes, it's difficult to find a career with a BA unless you specialize in something but there's always possibilities.
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A photo of RichardS RichardS
UTM Career Services has a helpful database of possible careers for various majors.

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