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What Canadian universities have good engineering programs?

I am really confused right now about which university to apply. I want to know which Canadian universities offer very good engineering programs. I did some reasearch on the internet, but I can't really find any direct answers.Currently, I am still not very sure about what type of engineering I want do, so I would like to ask you guys to give me some information about which universities have which good engineering programs.Please help me and Thanks alot.In addition, it would very nice if you can give me some information about why the university is good.
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If your primary concern is curriculum, then in no particular order:


In my opinion, these are the top engineering schools in Canada. You should pick among these based on community fit, because their educational foundations are roughly the same.

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Probably U of T or Waterloo. It depends on what type of engineering you want to do. For example, if you don't mind murderous amounts of work in every discipline so you can learn everything, go for U of T Engsci. If you have a specific career in mind and want to get experience in the field, go for Waterloo's coop.
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