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What extracurricular activities would you recommend?

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 I have very little extracurricular activities.....
My EC Activities include: 
Science Club
Physics Club
Peer Tutoring
Varsity Soccer team player
Play soccer in a mix-aged soccer group every Friday and Sunday for 2 hours
Only a combined of 40+ community hours
High school co-op? (Not sure if this counts)

And the rest of my time are spent on playing video games, do housework (chore), and practice soccer freestyle. I can see my passion lies on Sciences, and sports

What kind of extracurricular activities would you recommend if I am to apply uoft engineering / waterloo engineering? 
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Something that makes you standout
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Other than making myself standout, what do universities really look for on ECs? Thanks!
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Why don't you do a combat sport like boxing or no-holds-barred fighting and not a fake sissy sport like "futbol?"
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Hi, I'm currently at U of T (TrackOne) and was also accepted to Waterloo's computer engineering program. Some of my classmates did fewer extra curricular activities than you currently do and typically made up for it with really high grades (think 96%+). I think high school co-op is a fantastic experience to highlight in your applications because you were essentially hired to do work which I consider a step up from volunteering your time (even if it's unpaid). Even better if it was engineering related. As for other activities you can add to your plate, if you're in grade 12 I'd say it's a little late to start adding on major activities though if your motivation is genuine interest that's great. If you're younger, finding some really unique activities align with your interests in sports/science will help you develop a "spike" in these particular areas. Mentioning any awards/distinctions is also helpful for boosting your application. Generally, the larger the geographic area, the more impressive (ie province wide is more impressive than school wide).
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Well for awards.... I almost have none.  I get honour roll every years, and a student of the month from my co-op. Do universities care about these 2 awards? 

Actually one more question, do unis even care whether you do any kind of math/science contest?

Thanks a lot. 
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Whatever you mention about standing out among other people will help you promote yourself. If you're on honour roll, is it a really small group of students who receive this recognition (like top 10%) at your school? If so, mention it! If you were highly ranked in the last academic year, find out your rank from whoever handles that (eg guidance office) and if it's at least top 2-4%, that also looks really good. In your co-op placement when you were named student of the month, how many co-op students were you ranked against? Identifying the size of your competition in any of your honours will make the reader realize how exceptional you truly are.

If you do really well on math contests (like you place in Waterloo math contests or U of T contests for instance, or qualify for international olympiads), this will definitely demonstrate your academic prowess and rarity. When I applied for Waterloo, I actually forgot to mention all of the Waterloo math contests I wrote (basically from grade 7-12) and the distinctions I received (not too bad, about top 12-20% depending on year). However, the strength of the other components of my AIF was enough to get me admitted and also be awarded a scholarship based on the strength of my AIF in addition to the regular entrance award. Writing science/math contests is not the end all be all, they just may highlight someone's deep theoretical interests and love for academics.
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Try doing some leadership volunteering stuff. For example, I got into UW eng most likely not because of my marks (high 80's) but bc i started fundraising events at my high school and in the community. Don't just volunteering...volunteer with leadership. Btw u have a ton of extra curriculars. I definielty didnt have that many when i applied. Plus mine were stupid stuff like yoga.
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