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What Future Mac Students Should Know

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I haven't even started my program at Mac but here's something you should know.

Mac has an ancient system called MUGSI/SOLAR that makes course registration hell. The limit on the number of students allowed on the system is rumored to be around 250. This means you have to stay up until midnight to get the courses you want and click furiously for hours upon hours just to get in.

But wait!! Most of the good courses you want will be full! That means people often can't pursue certain minors or take courses they really want despite paying thousands for their education.

Worse, people in upper years will hoard coveted courses and sell them for money.

The root of the problem is not just the course registration system but the fact that class enrollment is severely limited to the point where you have to take a course that you don't even want.

I know course registration is hard in many universities but Mac takes the cake for this one.I just thought people should know this because I didn't before I went to Mac. If I knew that I couldn't pursue the education I wanted I would have thought twice about my university choice. I just wish someone told me this while I was in high school.
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MUGSI/SOLAR is what I hated most about Mac.

If you keep checking SOLAR everyday though, eventually you may get lucky and find a spot in the elective you want, and I was able to pursue my psych minor that way.

Pro tip: Log onto MUGSI 20 mins before SOLAR is scheduled to open, and then start trying to log onto SOLAR 5 mins before. Many people make the mistake of trying to log onto MUGSI at 11:55pm and they will never get on in time. I've been fairly lucky in that I always got on SOLAR by 12:15am at the latest in my 4 years of going through this outdated process, and I've never had to stay up past 1am.

Also, as an incoming 1st year, you have last pick. It gets (a little) better each year lol.
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Yeah this will happen at a lot of universities. U of A's system was so bad before that a SU member actually designed a separate site that kind of hacked into Beartracks (the registration website) to do things in a way that actually made sense. The U of A eventually hired this student to make the new Beartracks, but knowing universities, this took several years for them to realize that a better system was available. Hopefully someone can be as innovative at Mac.
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For course registration i managed to log on at 12:00:00, was pretty happy LOL. Wasn't so lucky for sectioning though... think it took a few hours. And even then, all the electives i wanted were full, and so were all the good labs/tutorial times.

Tbh, i think all schools deal with a similar problem, especially about electives because first years don't really have the priority as others have said. And Mac said they'll fix their archaic system in a few years. Hopefully by the time we all graduate -_-
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