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What Grades Does Trinity Look At?

A photo of PiggyFlavoredPocky PiggyFlavoredPocky
I really want to apply to Trinity College (not talking about a program, but the college itself) at UofT, but I'm a bit confused. I know they include your first semester's final marks when looking at your average, but what about second semester? Do they accept you based on those midterms, or do they wait for your final marks at the end of the school year? Thanks!

Also, has anyone ever heard of someone getting into Trin with an 87-89 average? Somehow, I think that's gonna be my average if they accept based on final marks. :albino:

P.S. When does UofT typically let you know when you're accepted to a program, and a college?
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A photo of HeroOfCanton HeroOfCanton
I got accepted in March based on my second semester midterms, but I'm sure people get accepted based on their final marks too. The median entrance average at Trin is 91%, so getting in with high 80s is definitely possible. They weigh your ECs and your essay too, so if they're strong, your chances are good.
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A photo of kraken kraken
mostly March-May so yeah, second term midterms I guess. and yeah that's def possible with your marks if your essay app is good.
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