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What have your marks been like this year?

A photo of Element1674 Element1674
I always find it interesting to see what marks everyone is getting! So how have your marks been so far? Are you happy with them? Are you stressing and trying to boost them? :geek:

Though I'm only in grade 10:

Civics - 82%
Careers - 83%
Communications Technology (TGJ20I)- Midterm was 86%, final was 79%
Science (SNC2DI)- Midterm was 97%, final mark was 95%
English (ENG2DI)- Midterm was 86%, final was 89%
Total average: 85.6% (Damn Comm Tech!)

This semester:
History (CHC2DI) - 96%
Chemistry (SCH3UI) - 93% (I didn't see a question on my test AND assignment :(. I could've had a 95 but oh well, its still a good mark).
Math (MPM2DI) - 92%, but I got a test back today that I got 80% on. Considering the class average was floating around a 35% for that test, I think I did okay lol. It'll probably bring my mark to about ~89%.
Stained Glass (AWA2OI) - 88%. I know if I work harder I can boost this to about 91%!
Average: 92.25%
Hoping for a final average of anything above 90%!
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A photo of TaylorShandraw TaylorShandraw
Well, im in grade 12 and i guess ive been pretty lucky as this year ive had the best marks all through out high school.

Gym - 84
Accounting - 93
Sociology - 94
Law - 88

English - 76
Philosophy - 84
Advanced Functions - 97
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A photo of willotree willotree
I am in grade 10 too! If you live in Ontario, how was the literacy test? Also my marks are..

Last Sem:

Religion (HRE2O): 90%
History (CHC2D): 87%
Math (MCR3U): 87% (finished grade 10 during summer)
Business (BTT2O): 78% (I wan't to cry.. I really didn't try in this class though)
Total average: 85.5% (next year I have to aim for a 92%+)

This semester:

Civics, science, com tech, english... none of my marks were given yet!

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A photo of 57789689 57789689
Much better from last year where the only half decent mark I had was in Marketing, and that was an 86. I go to a semestered/full year school btw.

Calculus - 80, always struggled with math, had a 59 at first term report cards.
Chemistry - 95
Biology - 90
Exercise Science - 85
English - 88
World History - 91
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A photo of ninetyfour ninetyfour
I'm fairly happy with my marks :) I kind of started slacking after I got accepted to where I wanted to go, but I'm maintaining my average, so I guess it's fine lol
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A photo of cm0011 cm0011
Well I'm in Grade 12 :)

First semester:

Computer Science-86%
Advanced Functions-80%

Second Semester (So Far):
Calculus and Vectors-69%

I'm in trouble with Calculus, because I need a 75% on my final to keep my offer of admission. Gyah D:
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A photo of brady23 brady23
All my marks, except Math, have been some of the best marks I've gotten.

English - 90%
Chemistry - 97%
French - 86%
Advanced Functions - 81%

Biology - 96%
Calculus - 80%
Physics - 87%
Finance - 93%
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A photo of kelso547 kelso547
First semester my marks sucked, I'm in grade 10 too:) but now in second semester they're better:)I wish I would've tried harder in first though because I messed that up big time.

First semester:
-Science (SNC 2DI): %84
-History(CHC2DI): %85
-Math(MPM2DI): 74%
-Art (AVI201): 62% (I DETESTED this class with a passion, I can not draw and got forced into this course)

Second semester:
-English(ENG2DI): 92%
-French(FSF2DI): 90%
-Careers(GLC201): 100%
- Functions (MCR3UI):85% <----and yes, I did mean to put I's instead of 1's for the course code, they're IB courses.

I have to admit though I'm a huge procrastinator and definitely would be doing better if I didn't have this problem....and stained glass? interesting my school doesn't have cool courses like this:( and yeah, I'm stressing to boost them so that I can compensate for my awful first semester but I'm happy with my second semester marks so far(: the literacy test went really well too! How did yours go? and my goal grades for second semester is to mantain my 100% in civics (I already finished careers) boost english to a 95% (should be easy) maintain french grade and keep my grade above 80% for functions:)
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