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What if i fail summer school?

A photo of Labyrinthes Labyrinthes
I'm sorta in a weird position. I'm already accepted into university and i met the minimum requirements. But i took summer school because i was forced too (dont ask me why). I was just wondering that if i fail the course, will it affect my offer? Do i have to send the summer school marks or does ouac automatically sends it?
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A photo of bluehairedpeople bluehairedpeople
i don't really know about your specific situation but either try to make sure you pass or drop it
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A photo of superstar2011 superstar2011
Your school will send your grade automatically to OUAC upon completion. Although I'm really tempted to ask you why you said you were FORCED to take the summer school course, if you've been accepted to university already, that would mean that you have your top six, including all course requirements. If you fail the summer school course, it shouldn't matter since the top six does not include the failing grade.
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