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What If I Got Rejected Into Trinity?

A photo of PiggyFlavoredPocky PiggyFlavoredPocky
What happens if I got rejected into Trin, and put UC as my second preference? Would it be harder to get into UC then if I just put it as first, and would I be able to get into the residence (Morrison Hall) that I wanted? :albino:
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The staff at U of T will go down your ordered list of college choices, until one of them accepts you. I wouldn't worry about being rejected from UC - it's a relatively bigger college, so it'll have more spaces. As for getting into your first choice of residence, I imagine you'll have to ask the dean, and hope for the best, unless you have very good reasons for wanting to live in Morrison.
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A photo of KilgoreTrout KilgoreTrout
As Spengler said above, UofT goes down your college rankings until one college accepts you (with the exception of Trinity, St. Mikes, and Innis, which need to be ranked #1 in order to get in). As for getting into Morrison Hall, that depends entirely on if you rank it first on your UC res buildings ranking list, and also on the residence lottery system that UC uses. So putting UC as your second choice will not hinder res building stuff.

As a side note, may I suggest Whitney Hall instead of Morrison? It's a much friendlier and awesome building that Morrison, in my experience.
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