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What is a good major for law?

A photo of SailorMoon SailorMoon
What is a good subject to major in if you want to be a lawyer?

I was thinking of becoming a criminal lawyer.

I enjoy psychology and philosophy and I'm good with social sciences and English.

I've heard it's good to have a major in history, english, philosophy or even political science.

Help? I haven't applied yet. Oh and any thoughts on good universities that are Arts-based.
(For example, Waterloo and MAC are science-based).

Thanks in advance! :colors:
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A photo of ktel ktel
This question has been answered several times on this forum.

You can major in anything. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_School_Admission_Test#Scoring shows that math and physics majors tend to score highest on the LSAT. Pre-law majors tend to score the lowest. Go figure.
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A photo of mynameismattgotmlgo mynameismattgotmlgo
Math and physics students are probably just smarter people though; pre-law students - dumber. A dumb pre-law student who transfers to a math degree will very likely not get any smarter (i.e. do any better on the LSAT).

But ktel is right, you can major in anything. Something that interests you makes sense, as your GPA is important, and people tend to do best in classes that interest them. What doesn't hurt is considering the employability of your major(s), just in case you don't get into law school. All the subjects you're interested in are not very employable.
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A photo of Rush Rush
Why don't you call your favourite university's law school admissions department?
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A photo of PolishBoy18 PolishBoy18
I Recommend getting a major in Criminology and/or Political Science, or even Psychology and Sociology.
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A photo of WTP1186 WTP1186
There is not a major that is better than any other for law school. Once you're doing your degree, you need to make the most of your time: get great marks, volunteer, and make sure you have a bunch of great extracurricular activities.

In terms of a program that will prep you the best for the rigors of law school, I'd focus on majoring in philosophy and minoring in political science. Philosophy and poli sci will train you to think critically in a way that will make you successful not only in law school, but for the LSAT as well.

Good luck.
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A photo of SUMmer123456 SUMmer123456
I think psychology would be a good major for law students; perhaps not conventional, but it may end up being somewhat useful at a practical level.
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