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What is a good school for FORENSIC SCIENCE?

A photo of christinathompson christinathompson
:flower: I have always had this thing for forensic science. What is the best school in Canada or the US for this field of study. Also, what if I want to move to the US after I am done university. With a Canadian education will I be ok to work in the US? :!:
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Best I've heard is BCIT, or something like that
a technical college that will get you hands-on experience is much better than a theoretical course, lots of people who take theory first not knowing what to do waste their money and have to take a technical course afterwards
BCIT also gets you a job, if I remember correctly
Search for things like this in your area, they'll probably be more beneficial to you =)
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A photo of jbn046 jbn046
When I was looking at forensic science I looked on google to see top schools. Searching it gave lists of schools then I went to their websites and looked at them more closely. This got me all the information I needed.
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A photo of ashleymacedo ashleymacedo
I go to u of t Mississauga and my program isn't specifically forensic science but I take all the courses the same as those in forensic science and I'm taking intro into forensic science.I have heard that this year is the last year that they are offering the program so i wouldn't suggest u of t Mississauga.
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I think Trent actually has a pretty good program, and they had an actual DEGREE that says "bachelor in forensic science" rather than "bachelor of science". This was a few years ago, so you may want to Google this to confirm.

I was seriously considering forensics when I finished high school and was applying to universities. I ended up apply to U of T St. George for Toxicology just so I could be close to home, but it ended up being one of the best decisions of my life. I took all sorts of courses that got me interested in a variety of other topics, like environmental chemistry and plant biology.

If you eventually want to go into a forensics career, I would suggest a less narrow field of study to give you a wider knowledge background. For example, if you were interested specially in forensic chemistry, perhaps consider enrolling in a chemistry program. This will give you a better background if you decide forensics isn't for you, or if forensics jobs become saturated in the future. I also visited the Ontario Centre for Forensic Sciences on a job shadowing stint, and found that many of the researchers had a graduate degree in fields other than forensics. Some of the bench scientists had BScs in forensics, but this was three years ago, and I'm not sure if things have changed since then.

Hope that helps!
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