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What is more important: the university or the program?

A photo of kaileykittykat kaileykittykat
I am having trouble deciding between my ideal school and my ideal program. McGill is the perfect campus-- a little bit city and a little bit contained. The atmosphere is very focused, and they have a stellar reputation, and great parties. I have been accepted for Freshman Arts, and in second year I will major in English.
I have also been accepted at Concordia, for their Honours English and Creative Writing program, which is the exact degree I want. The program is perfect, but I am unsure about the school. It seems to have less of a university feel and more of a student-living-downtown feel. Also, the people I spoke to on the phone at Concordia weren't terribly polite...

So what do you think is more important? The right university or the right program? McGill is a very prestigious and hard-to-get-into school, but the program at Concordia is a very prestigious and hard-to-get-into program. Help!
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A photo of stoichiometry stoichiometry
If I were you, I would pick McGill. It is a better university and it offers a multitude of programs that you may enjoy.
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
Program, imo. I was in the same situation and picked the school with the better program over more renown schools.

But if you don't think you'll like the campus/student life at Concordia, then I would pick Mcgill. I hated the atmosphere of UTSG (and also the "campus"), which is why it was my last choice even though U of T is Canada's most prestigious school.
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A photo of kaileykittykat kaileykittykat
Ahh! I have to decide in three short weeks! The more I try to sway myself one way or the other, I realise just how torn between the two I really am. I feel like Concordia is the perfect program to have a degree in to become a great writer, but McGill is the perfect school to have a degree from to do anything.
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A photo of mccannca466 mccannca466
Well, will your chances of getting a job out of McGill be that much smaller compared to Concordia? I honestly think you can still get an excellent arts degree at McGill. It will make you happier for what is supposed to be one of the most fun, exciting experiences to be had in life. And being in your dream campus is more likely to inspire you to write than a place that you hate. And you can find mentors to help you develop your skills.

Maybe you could reach out and ask for a mentor from Concordia, and go to McGill? Best of both worlds.

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A photo of ffcelik ffcelik
Program hands down. That's what I did, and I'm really happy :) In the long run, it won't matter if you were the downtown student or in the city-like but contained school. What will matter is if you followed through with your passion and how it will help you get where YOU want to get.
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