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What is most important part of the supplementary application ?

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i'm currently doing supplementary application for UofT and i realize i don't have that much extra curricular activities
so i'm just wondering which is more important, the essay or extra curricular activities?
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
Hmmm.. I would think both are important, but it depends on what the essay question is.
They can tell what kind of student you are academically by looking at your grades, but it's hard to tell what kind of well-rounded student you are based on grades, so if your essay question was academic related, I would say ECs are more important.
If your essay question isn't academically related, then I think they would both be just as important.
I'm sure they'd want someone who has a good statement of intention as to why they'd want to be in whatever program they apply for, as well as someone who's well rounded and is an active part of the community.
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A photo of vnguyen93 vnguyen93
If you don't participate in many extra-curriculers, you should perhaps focus on one and really put a lot of detail into your response. There is a chance that they'll realize the extremity of your dedication and contribution despite it being just one activity. Good luck!
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