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What is the average number of schools to apply to?

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Does anybody else find it weird that so many people on this site add a signature to their posts listing the millions of schools they've applied to, including which they are accepted to, pending, or what not? I find that just plain weird. And they're all applying to programs all over the place!

Which brings me to my question. What is the average number of universities to apply to?

By the looks of people's signatures on this site, that average # is looking pretty large! When I applied for my undergrad I applied to one in the area I wanted, and 1 just as a second option in my second (back-up) career choice. But I knew I was going to Dalhousie and basically only concentrated on that appliction.

After my undergrad, I applied to 5 post-grad universities, all in the same program. 3 preferences and 2 backups. All this time I've been thinking that was a lot, and was sort of embarassed telling people I'd applied to 5, but I just wanted to make sure all my bases were covered, since each school only accepts between 60-100 students in this program. Now it's starting to look like the average # of schools is much higher!

How many did you people apply to in your undergrad and then post-grad?
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